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Life Coaching





To achieve hózhó, or beauty, balance, order and harmony, I offer a unique collection of family friendly options of life coaching. There are three modalities of coaching available. Each modality emphasizes a holistic heart-centered, family and community friendly approach. Come sit with me to find nourishment, I’ve saved you a place at the table. 



Stress-Relief Life Coaching is perfect for individuals experiencing long-term low grade levels of stress, or stress of the more sudden or extreme type such as occurs during divorce. You may be experiencing symptoms of this stress such as back pain, insomnia, flashbacks, or feelings of hopelessness. Through divorce and custody disputes I’ve put my knowledge of physical, emotional and mental strategies to use for myself and have informed others. When you cannot think straight, existing as if in a fog, then it’s time to seek assistance with coaching being a safe nonjudgmental and private place to set goals, plan, deal with emotions and move forward.

WellBeing Coaching  Need to lose some tummy bulge and a few pounds? Eat healthier for glowing skin and increased vitality? Help with lifestyle changes to assist in preventing cancer or diabetes?  A health and wellness map tailored to your schedule, lifestyle and needs with an accountability partner and coach to encourage you on the journey may be just what you need! 

EcoResilience Life Coaching is the best choice for you if you wish to apply permaculture principles (a form of ecological design) to your life and home. This is an alternative option for those who wish to learn and create their own path to sustainable living that is not offered at My Edible Eden.


If you are ready to get started with coaching, you may send me a note through the Contact Page to begin your journey to create a new reality in order to live a life of  hózhó through greater WellBeing, to expand your current level of Resilience, or to find relief from the stresses of divorce.


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To Contact Jami Scholl: Telephone: 812.202.6830 * Email: Bloomington - Indiana - United States