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LIFE.     is.     HÓZHÓ.





The first thing I want to tell you is that we all have a sacred power, a gift we bring to the world.  My sacred power is HEALING through BEAUTY.

Healthful food heals in an all-around-inside-out sort of way. So does sleep, clean water, good relationships, touch, exercise and a life of appropriate levels of stress. What we strive to achieve is balance, harmony and beauty.

Beauty is the aesthetic of symmetry, balance and harmony of seemingly discordant things in our lives. Life balance is one form of beauty that we see in someone who seems to glow with happiness. Their physical and emotional well being is obvious. They seem to glow with good health and high energy while savoring morsel of life experience, both good and bad. Don’t you wonder how they have attained such a beautiful life of inner peace and outer balance?


Hi! I’m Jami Scholl.


The Navajo (Diné) people have a saying I hold dear: “To walk in beauty.”

I want to talk to you about beauty, harmony and balance. Whether we see symmetry in a flowing creek gurgling between green vegetated mountains, the elegance of a handcrafted frame presenting your newest work of art, a handcrafted grandmother’s clock with her gorgeous curved form that creates a soft feminine mystique, or the notes of fine music in time with the brilliance of sunset streaking luminous colors across the horizon.

It is a life of valued personal relationships. It is this life where you create beauty through decisions that may bring an inner peace. I can help you attain a beautiful life.

Another thing I have learned from the Navajo people is that there are no words in their language that describe art or religion. The concept of balance and beauty are one. Meaning that art, and the spiritual, is life.

In it’s simplest form the word hózhó is where health, happiness, long life, wisdom, knowledge, the mundane and the divine are beautifully balanced in the ideal life from birth to death. 

When we are out of balance, or hózhó, we become ill. This can be manifest in a myriad of ways. Sometimes it is manifest as something just doesn’t feel right.

It is the essence of hózhó that fulfillment is found through a continual quest for balance, harmony, and beauty. This is at the heart of resilience and wellbeing. The Art of Resilience and WellBeing rests in the spirit. At it’s heart we are on a divine quest.


Do you want HÓZHÓ?


To restore beauty when someone is physically ill or in emotional duress, the Navajo conduct a ceremony – different ceremonies are conducted for that particular life imbalance by a medicine man trained for that particular type of healing. This healing includes physical, emotional, spiritual, social and environmental wellness.

I’ve a family history of diabetes and heart disease that I actively manage through wellness practices such as exercise, dietary choices, and stress management. If you’ve these personal challenges, I know where you’re coming from.

As for formal education, I’ve studied graphic design, permaculture design, creative writing of all types, cultural anthropology, post graduate studies in food and culture and leadership, as well as at Wellcoaches for health and wellness coaching and the Robbins-Madanes Center for Strategic Intervention life coaching. You might also be interested in our sister business, My Edible Eden, where the focus is on beautiful edible gardening.

forest path





Knowledge without action is pointless.






My greatest successes have come when I set a goal and let nothing get in the way of accomplishing my goal. Whether it was modifying my life to move away from diabetes, or working with a friend to get the first (and only) Urban Agriculture Amendment passed in my state, the only thing that stopped my success was myself. We all do this, have some block that keeps us from achieving that which we most desire. This is when a coach may be what you need.

In a year, three years or even ten years the world will be a different place than it is now.

Will you have bridged the gap between where you are now and where you want to be, crafted the life you desire and are worthy of attaining?

Will you have more energy and better relationships next year?

Will you be better prepared emotionally, physically spiritually and have less negative impact on environmental systems in three years? In five years?

Beneficial LASTING change happens more quickly when you work with a coach. I know how to make changes inside and out, for my own benefit and that of my family and my community. I can help you do the same.

I like to conceptualize failure as a path to success. Sometimes the path gets bumpy, but that’s part of life. As a multi-passionate creative maven, mother, teacher, coach - hózhó fits me since life is about beauty, balance, order and harmony.


  LIFE.     is.     HÓZHÓ. 





To Contact Jami Scholl: Telephone: 812.202.6830 * Email: Bloomington - Indiana - United States