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EcoResilence PermaCoaching

EcoResilience PermaCoaching



              Do you wish to grow a (permaculture) garden?


              Are you interested in alternative energy?

                                                    Water harvesting?


              A harmonious place-based life?





My first memories were days on my grandparents small farmland surrounded by national forest where siblings and their families planted garden plots, then harvested and preserved the bounty. From a point of integration and cooperation with natural systems and between people, EcoResilience PermaCoaching is an approach to designing environments that include diversity, stability, and resilience as well as to preserve intact areas and to heal injured landscapes.

Studying and living modern organic farming, market gardening, and permaculture has melded into my experiences as a family and community member. Whether from my time living in the midwest, Southern Florida, Northern California, the Puget Sound area, or briefly in Texas and Minnesota, culture and food has been a unifying theme of my life. And I am sure that with the mention of comfort foods and family gatherings you’ll find that it is important to yours, too. (For me it began with the wild raspberry pie she would make for me every Christmas growing up – food, culture, family and resilience!)


What if you want personalized attention using permaculture principles for your own property?


You may be wondering what EcoResilience PermaCoaching does… it helps you learn and use the design principles of permaculture to create a more abundant and secure life through the view of you and place as interdependent entities. As a working permaculture designer since 2008, and having spent time designing and doing to truly know all aspects of this type of integrated life and landscape, I “walk-the-walk” and not just “talk-the-talk.” I’ve “permied” two of my own properties, one rural and the other urban, so I know firsthand what problems you will likely come across so that we can address them from the very beginning, saving you time and money. You may be interested in visiting our sister business, My Edible Eden, to get the dirt on the nitty-gritty beginnings.


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How can EcoResilience PermaCoaching help me?

Common items within the realm of PermaCoaching include:

1) an edible landscape

2) wildlife habitat

3) intensive growing

4) season extension

5) urban agriculture

6) multi-species grazing

7) polycultures

8) the potager or kitchen garden

9) to work within rules and structures: HOA’s, Covenants & Restrictions and City Zoning Code

10) determining your personal food and water resources and needs

11) helping you make a plan to fit your needs to prepare for uncertainty

12) work with the current relationships of people and place

13) and more…



Based on the principles and ethics of permaculture, a design for you and place is at the core of EcoResilience PermaCoaching. I’ve worked as a place-based educator for the Hoosier Environmental Council, as well as worked in adopting and changing local city ordinances to allow and support the oft spoken words of “sustainability” with real action steps that have increased local food security. With all these experiences I can help you do the same.

I am a guide and support to you when you encounter resistance from your community, or your family, when making more earth friendly eco-conscious green decisions… deciding to do something different takes more than will power. It takes heart, strategy and support. I know that if I can do it (twice), then I know that I can help you create a more food secure home and community. 

A coach can save you time and money. Some say 6 months, others say between three to eight years before the economy and life really changes.  


Will you be prepared?


Given that a fruit tree takes 5-8 years to grow to maturity at which time it begins bearing fruit, starting now may quickly become a priority.

When I think that most businesses consider five years as long-term planning I have to chuckle and shake my head, because of how detached is our current economic system is from the reality of nature. Change will be happening around us whether we are prepared or not. If you are wanting to learn the skills to gracefully and elegantly adjust to a changing economy and climate while not completely eschewing current modern society, then please read information from the blog, sign up for updates and special offers, and if you are ready, send me a message to begin our work of making the world a more beautiful and sustainable place to live.

Are you interested in using permaculture to design the area around your home or in your community to create and prepare for times of change and challenge? If so, then CLICK HERE to inquire about EcoResilience PermaCoaching packages. 


You are interested in transition. Do you want HÓZHÓ?

To Contact Jami Scholl: Telephone: 812.202.6830 * Email: Bloomington - Indiana - United States